This page features an inspiring interview with the amazing Bryony Miles. Bryony is a Vegan Personal Trainer based in the city of Bath in the UK. We hope you enjoy it!

How long have you been vegan and what motivated you to make this transition?

I went vegan last May 2016 and it was a result of several things. I was selling vegan makeup and became aware of not testing on animals and had a client in my fitness class that was vegan. She would chat to me about her vegan diet but I initially dismissed this thinking to myself that I couldn’t get enough protein! One day she sent me the video Dairy is Scary by Erin Janus. I went vegan overnight!

Can you tell us about your transition to a whole foods plant based diet?

For most of my life I’d been a hard-core meat eater. Even the concept of being a vegetarian was alien to me. so, my transition was basically straight to adopting a vegan diet and this has been really life changing for me.

Who have been your biggest inspirations to adopting a vegan diet and lifestyle and how did they inspire you?

My biggest inspiration was my female client. It’s quite brave for someone to send a video like Dairy is Scary – a big five minutes for anyone and really mind-blowing. In terms of anyone famous at the time of turning vegan I really didn’t have a clue but now follow so many people on Instagram like the Ethics Crew @ethcs (they’re great), Vegan Geezer @vegan_geezer, Hench Herbivore @hench_herbivore and Freelee The Banana Girl @freelee.banana who is the biggest inspiration for me. Whilst I follow lots of female vegans it’s really refreshing to follow male vegans as they are so compassionate about animals.

What would be a typical daily meal plan for you?

Whilst I don’t like putting labels to things I’d say, ‘I’m raw to 4’ and probably describe myself as a high carb vegan following an 80/10/10 diet (80% raw fruit and vegetables, 10% protein and 10% fat).

My normal breakfast is a ten-banana smoothie with cacao powder and maybe add some oats. For lunchtime, if I’m at home, I’ll make a really big chocolate and berry smoothie bowl. If I’m away from home there’s a place close by that does really nice vegetable wraps. Evening meal is usually potatoes covered with a nice homemade sauce.

I do tend to keep my meals as simple as possible as I’m not a fancy cook. If I want something fancy I usually go out to eat. I admire those who do create fancy food that they showcase on Instagram but that’s not just me!

I try to avoid and don’t eat a lot of substitute foods but Linda McCartney sausages are good as well as bean salads, things that are nice and easy.

Do you have a favourite recipe or dish?

At the moment, I love smoothie bowls. My favourite recipe is below:

  • 4 frozen bananas
  • 4 fresh bananas
  • Scoop of Revolution Foods chocolate and vanilla protein powders (this is just for taste and to bulk out the dish rather than my desire for wanting protein)
  • Scoop of Cacao powder
  • Frozen berries to top
  • Desiccated coconut
  • Peanut butter

The classes you run include circuits, spin, interval training and Queen B Silent disco – what’s this?

The silent disco class is so much fun. Everyone in my class wears headphones which have flashing LED lights on them – this means bystanders can see us exercising! I have a microphone and transmitter and everyone listens to the same music so people can hear me and I can also control the volume.

I generally have a female following who are sometimes nervous about exercising, especially because this class is outside in the local park. But when the music comes on everyone forgets about this and feels confident and almost quite invincible. People work hard and have great fun exercising in this class but I also keep everything feeling fun and comfortable.

Which one is you favourite to teach and why?

I really enjoy teaching all my classes but silent disco is my favourite! It’s so versatile and I can vary the routines unlike some of my other classes.

I have my own private studio in the centre of Bath which is amazing but I additionally work in several different locations which you will probably see from my Social Media posts. I am also working part-time in a gym which was the starting point of my personal training career two and a half years ago but I am looking to reduce this as my business grows and develops.

How do you consider your initial personal fitness improved when you went vegan?

My personal fitness has massively improved. I felt a bit weird for the first two months after going vegan but I hear that from a lot of from other people after they go vegan. I had to remind myself that I’ve eaten a certain way all my of life and I was now going through a detox change. So, I didn’t feel that great at the start but after 1 to 2 months I started feeling really energised. I then began achieving new personal bests in the gym – dead lifts improved from 90kg to 120kg. My general recovery got a lot better and I also found I had an improved level of flexibility. I felt I didn’t have to train as much as before to see the benefits. I think when your diet is good you’ll see changes in your body a lot more quickly.

What have been the longer-term benefits to your health and fitness?

I am so much more energised now and hear that from other people who are vegan. I’m more mentally engaged in my workouts and gain focus a lot more quickly than I used to. Overall I feel I can achieve a lot more.

When you are not working what training or hobbies do you enjoy?

Climbing is one of my biggest passions when I’m not working or training. I enjoy a really active lifestyle.

If, on the rare occasion, I sit down to watch the television it’s (I love Dr Gregor) or Hench Herbivore on YouTube.

Overall what would you say is the biggest benefit of being vegan?

Being vegan has changed my mind-set and made me so much more open, compassionate and understanding of what animals go through. So, when we say we love animals, understanding it and meaning it.

An added benefit of being vegan is that my circle of friends has also increased and I now mix with so many like-minded people. Being vegan has really made my life so much better overall.

* This is not a paid advertisement for Revolution or Linda McCartney foods – we just think they’re great!