Want to smell great guys (and ladies) but don’t want it to harm animals, the environment or yourself? This page gives you the answer…

vegan perfume

My predicament

Having been vegan for over 4 years I’ve become more conscious of buying and consuming products that don’t contribute to harming animals, the environment or me. My bathroom cabinet, and my extremely heavy overnight bag (I spend too much time travelling for business!!) are now filling up with vegan toiletries. Shampoos and shower gels are now readily available in most of the main street supermarkets in the UK – but what about fragrances and still smelling good after the gym?

My search for a vegan friendly fragrance was not an easy one. Scrutinising the website pages of the big perfume companies to find out how ethical their product was, for me, very time consuming!

Perfume by numbers?

On my travels around the vegan festivals delivering my ’10 Steps to Vegan’ talk, I spotted an interesting stall at the Portsmouth Farplace Vegan Festival. The stall had a plethora of huge upturned bottles in an elaborate display – which reminded me of a trendy London bar (but that’s not for this post as vegan drink will be featured in a forthcoming blog!).

I introduced myself to Tony, the owner of Eden Perfumes. It also suddenly dawned upon me that the last thing my partner said to me when she dropped me at the station earlier was if I saw Eden Perfumes to buy her a perfume with a number assigned to it (460 to be exact). A number for a perfume I asked myself?

All became clear when Tony explained that he could produce an extremely close match to most major perfumes available on the High Street and, even better, they were all 100% vegan and not tested on animals. After talking to Tony in depth I established that perfume number 460 was a match for the ladies’ perfume Flowerbomb by Flower Viktor and Rolk.

Men’s fragrance 138

So, from what Tony was describing I could buy my partner a perfume that was vegan and would smell very much like those high street brands whilst being totally cruelty free. But what about an aftershave for me?

I thought to myself, here lies a challenge – “Bet you haven’t got my old aftershave?” Tony took on my challenge and presented me with an extensive list of men’s fragrances. I was genuinely taken aback and even more so when I found my old aftershave, CK One by Calvin Klein.

“That’s fragrance 138” Tony said. To my amazement, it was just how I remembered CK One had smelt. My decision made, I bought both fragrances (30mls each) for £24. What a bargain I’d just had and, what’s more, it was kind to the animals, environment, me and my pocket!

How to buy?

After I had made my purchases I spoke to Tony who is extremely knowledgeable and so passionate about his business. I can really understand this as he makes some great products and Eden also encourage recycling with the bottles being refillable when you’re done.

You can buy Eden Fragrances on line at and they have a shop in Brighton at 26 Gardener Street (Postcode BN1 1UP)

And finally …

My bathroom cabinet and still heavy overnight bag are now complete and totally cruelty free. Thanks Eden Perfumes!

* This is not a paid advertisement for Eden Perfumes we just think they smell great!