About Me

I’m Rob, a fortysomething guy living in the sunny county of Devon in the UK.

I’ve adopted a vegan lifestyle but in my previous life I was a ‘typical’ professional working man who was totally unaware of how his lifestyle affected animals, the planet and his health. In 2010, thinking I was doing the right thing, I became vegetarian. Then, in 2013, after watching a documentary exposing modern farming and food production methods, I became vegan overnight. I only wish I’d done it sooner.

About Man-Kind

Man-Kind’s mission is to demonstrate that it is possible to live our lives without harming others, or the planet, while still enjoying everything we all love in life. We’re showcasing ethical and cruelty-free living and here you’ll find charity profiles, culture, food and drink, fitness, style and travel.

We’ve got a male audience in mind but hope female readers will also enjoy our posts (and maybe share them with those men who might be interested!)

We’re always happy to hear about new ideas and meet new people. If you would like to be featured or have any subjects you’re keen to write or read about please contact me at mail@man-kind.co. I look forward to hearing from you…